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Two Words You Never Thought You’d See Together- Tasty and Tofu!

Hello, Wine and Food Friends! Welcome to “The Well-Stocked Pantry”, I’m glad you’re here.

The weather in wine country right now has been typically warm and that means my culinary thoughts oftentimes turn to world flavors for our meals. So, today, I’m writing about tofu. Yes, that. Please don’t run off just yet, hang on for just a minute- you really want to hear about my “Turmeric Tofu with Coconut-Red Curry Sauce”. And how lovely it is when paired with SCHUG wine LOL

Throughout my years as a winery chef, I’ve had many dietary restrictions to consider when cooking for guests. I’ve found that many cultures have already mastered the art of making deliciousness when working with vegetables and vegetarian dishes. These ideas around the world are really helpful in my work because I can prepare a recipe with the same flavors and sauces, etc. and it will work beautifully with many proteins.

I first made the tofu portion this recipe in 2019 while in culinary school. We were learning the “Cuisines of Asia” and this was a Vietnamese recipe. I really fell in love with the bright colors and flavors- but then I began trying it with coconut and tomatoes and loved it even more. The rice noodles are a nice change, both for their novelty and for their gluten free benefit.

In this case, with the Turmeric Tofu, we will treat the tofu just like any other protein. We do have to remove as much excess water as we can, but that’s not difficult, it just takes a bit of extra time and planning. The other recipe components are great for doubling and freezing. Next, we will marinate the tofu. This step is what really elevates the tofu- taking it from bland to bold!

My favorite wine to partner up with this recipe is SCHUG Carneros Chardonnay. When nicely chilled, the clean crisp acidity is so nice for balancing against the richness of the coconut in the sauce for the Turmeric Tofu. And this wine will really show off its beautiful toast and nuttiness when you get a bite of the tofu dish with a nice piece of toasted cashew in it. Heaven!

I hope you’ve forgiven me for the tofu recipe by now- especially because if you make it, you can keep extras of the marinade in your “frozen pantry”. Next time you want to marinate something you’ll be so glad to have the prep work already done! Finishing the recipe is pretty straightforward- and remember it is always ok to reach out to me with any culinary or wine questions you might have. Enjoy the pairing!

Chef Kristine